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Look for safety... our new topic is a natural disaster zone! 

Active Planet 

This terms topic is 'Active Planet', we have already watched lots lof videos of natural disasters and we are so intrigued. Please see the attached letter which informs you about our learning journey for this term. 

File icon: docx Term 5 Topic letter [docx 84KB] Click to download

How to Make a Volcano!

We worked together in groups to read and follow the instructions we were given. We discovered our instructions had parts missing so we had to read them very carefully.

Then we wrote our own instructions...

Rupert - Watch your volcano erupt if you follow these instructions. 

Oscar - You will need; washing up liquid, vinegar,  2 plastic cups, red food colouring, biccarbonate of soda, water and a teaspoon. 


Evelyn - Step 1. Slowly fill one cup half full of water and one quarter full of vinegar. 

Ben - Step 2. Next you must put three blobs of red food colouring in the water and mix. 

Olivia - Step 3. After, you add 3 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda and stir. 

Freya - Step 4. Then, after 5 seconds squirt a good blob of washing up liquid into the mixture and mix with the spoon. 

Will - Step 5. Finally, add the vinegar and stand out of the way. 

Evie - Once the volcano has exploded, pour the mixture away and wash your hands. 

Volcanic Homework 

We have made some amazing volcanoes as part of our homework. We just had to share them with you, we have really enjoyed our parents help and would like to say a big thank you! 

We took advantage of the sunshine and did some observational drawings of our plants.

We've been getting excited about the preparations for our 'Royal Wedding'