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We're so excited! 

We cannot wait to learn about one of our favourite foods! 

Evie - I am excited to learn about chocolate because it's yummy. 



Daisy - I want to learn about chocolate because it's cool to learn about chocolate. 



Kian - I am happy that we are learning about chocolate because we were allowed to eat chocolate!


This term's topic is 'Chocolate' and we are so excited to start learning about one of our favourite foods! Please see the attcahed letter which informs you about our learning journey for this term. 

File icon: docx Term 4 Topic Letter [docx 84KB] Click to download

Knowledge Harvest

We have all been 'harvesting our knowledge' of chocolate. We now know;

'I know that chocolate is made from cocoa beans' Joshua B.

'You can die if you eat too much chocolate' Rupert.

'An average chocolate bar has eight insect parts in it' Yasmin. 

Chocolate Machines! 

We all made our own chocolate machines to show how we thought chocolate was made. Isn't Evelyn's amazing?!

Chocolate Homework 

We were tasked with design our own chocolate themed snakes and ladders. There were so many good entries, but check out this edible snakes and ladders. That is our kind of board game! 

Mighty Zulu Nation Day 

As part of our introuction to the International Primary Curriculum we had some exciting visitors all the way from South Africa. They taught us traditional African dancing and how to speak some Zulu. We had a great day and couldn't wait to share it with our friends and families. 

Our parents came to see all our amazing chocolate work!