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Remembrance Day

On Friday November 10th, we marked Remembrance Day with a service and laying of our own homemade wreaths. We understand how important it is to remember those who fought and are still fighting for us. We invited our families to join us in respecting all those who have served. 

Science Week 

We have had so much fun this week! We have been looking at light and learned so many new things through some exciting experiements. We got to make our own shadow theatres and our parents came in one morning to help us investigate if some materials let more light in than others. 

We now know; 

Isaac ' Light travels in straight lines'.

Macaulie 'Shadows are made because something blocks the light'.

Evie 'The closer a light source is the smaller the shadow and the further a light source is, the bigger the shadow'.

Oscar 'A diamond reflects light and a light bulb is a light source'. 

Gemma 'Cardboard is opaque'. 

Grace 'A window is transparent and greaseproof paper is translucent' 

What a week! Miss Dalling is so proud of all our hard work, we love science! 


Snow came to Marshchapel today!

'We made a big snowman' Faith

'We got to leave lessons and go outside to play!' Rupert

'We tasted snow, it was like a snowcone' Yasmin


We've had so much fun in the lead up to christmas. Santa came to visit, we did a super christmas play and we had an amazing christmas party with so many games and sweets! On the last day we had an extra treat and were allowed to wear our pyjamas to school and watch a film with popcorn because we'd filled in our politeness chart. Miss Dalling is so proud of how polite we are being.