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What's It Made of?

Our last International Curriculum topic is called, 'What's It Made of?"  We will be learning all about different materials, their properties and why they are specifically chosen for each job. 

In English we will be using the lovely text 'Iggy Peck Architect', which is  a lovely story about a little boy who enjoys using all sorts of things to create sculptures and buildings. 

We are starting off our new topic with an exciting trip to William's Den where we will be making mud pies, den building and so much more! The website link is

We are very much looking forward to the last term and our new topic.  There are many other exciting days and events planned in for this term, it's going to be extremely busy, but most of all, FUN! 

Please take a look at our topic web which will inform you further of our plans for the next seven weeks. 

Come back soon to look at all of our amazing photos!