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This term, Class 2 are really excited to be learning all about dinosaurs. They love bringing in their dinosaurs from home to show us. Keep your eyes peeled for all our exciting activities!

Week 1 

During our first week we learnt about dinosaurs by researching for ourselves, using the internet and books. We really enjoyed finding our own facts and sharing them with the class. Here a few examples of what we discovered:

Toby - the Diplodocus had a really long neck!

Daisy - some dinosaurs ate meat and some ate plants.

Olivia - dinosaurs with two legs were faster than those with four.

Theo - Velocirpator was one of the fastest dinosaurs. 

Week 2 

This week we learnt some science about the dinosaurs.  We learnt more about how we could sort dinosaurs according to what they ate. 

Some dinosaurs ate meat, these were called carnivores.  Carnivores had large, sharp teeth for ripping through flesh. 

Other dinosaurs were herbivores, meaning they liked to eat plants and vegetables.  They had less teeth and they weren't very sharp!

Some animals are omnivores, meaning they eat both meat and plants.  Year 1 couldn't find the names of any dinosaurs which were ominvores.  Do you know any?

Week 3 

This week was a very tricky one!  We learnt the names of the 7 continents and 5 world oceans.  We are beginning to identify the continents on a blank world map.  

We also learnt how the continents have changed over time. They used to all be one country called Pangaea.  Then they separated over time and even now each year the continents are slowly drifting further away from each other. 

We matched dinosaurs to the continents their fossils were found on and discovered that because of the splitting of Pangaea some dinosaurs were split up and had to learn to adapt to new climates. 

Week 4 

This week we did some fabulous art work and drawings of different dinosaurs.

We looked really carefully at some pictures of dinosaurs and used our pencils to sketch them.  This is called 'observational drawing'.  We think we did a good job, our teachers must have thought so too as they are on display in the school corrdior!

Can you guess which dinosaurs we have drawn? 

Week 5

Week 5 was a very busy week! We completed our dinosaur topic, including witing our own dinosaur adventures. We finished the week celebrating Chinese New Year and had a wonderful day of food tasting, latern making, number writing and more!