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The Three Little Pigs Move Out

We have had a super science time this week.  For the first three days we carried out an experiment centered aronund The Three Little Pigs.  First we read the story of The Three Little Pigs and identified which materials the pigs chose to build their houses with.  We then chose 3 similar materials of our own to test.  We decided on a cardboard and paper house, a plastic house (using lego bricks) and a wooden house (using lolly sticks).

Next we did some maths around our invesitgation.  We made predicitons about which material would be the weakest and move the furthest distance across the floor.  We then transferred this information into a pictogram.  Year 2s then interpreted this data, explaining what the pictogram was telling us.

We then worked in pairs or threes to create the houses.  We made two houses of each material so that this would make the test fair and we could make comparisons. After the building was complete we recorded our predictions and our method for what we were going to do. 

Then came the fun part! We tested how far our houses would move using two hairdryers.  Our results were quite interesting and a little surprising! We then recorded our results and wrote a conclusion about what our experiement had shown us.

We had a super time and now know more about the characteristics of materials and why some materials are more suitable than others for certain objects.