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Pirate Fun!

We  read 'The Pirates Next Door' by Johnny Duddle and then created our own wanted posters. 

Class 2 learnt about the pirate code and created pirate scrolls with a rule from the pirate code.

We had a great time playing in the pirate ship and reading in the pirate shack.


We had a fantastic time for our first day learning about pirates. Here's some of the things we did:


  • We created silly pirates working together in 3s. Lacey: We drew the head and folded the paper over, then the next person drew the body and folded the paper over, then the last person finished the bottom.  When we opened it up we had some very funny looking pirates! 


  • We looked at websites and found out what our own pirate names would be! Kitty: We had some very silly pirate names - mine was 'Mean Plank' I didn't like it very much! 


  • We had fun learning some pirate phrases and matching the phrases to their meanings and pictures. Oliver: Doubloons are gold coins.  Daisy: Landlubber is someone who isn't used to being at sea.    Macey:  Pieces of Eight means silver coins.  Charlie: Swabber is the lowest ranking pirate who mops the decks. 


  • Finally we went outside to play Captain's Commands with Mrs Mathieson.  We had such fun learning the actions for each instruction and kept asking to play it over and over again!