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Zulu Day!

We were so lucky to have the Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company come to visit us.  We were in awe of how they dressed, looked and spoke.  They were very funny too and kept making us giggle. They played us some traditional Zulu music and sang us some traditional Zulu songs. They were amazing!

Class 2 even learnt one of their songs (with the help of the Zulus of course). What a fantastic learning opportunity we had. We absolutely loved it!

When we weren't with the Zulus we joined with Grainthorpe and Marshchapel Class 1 to do some fun African inspired activities.  We learnt what the African flag looked like and coloured it, we painted some creative African masks, made some African style jewellery and put together some African animals from play dough. 

After our fantastic day at Grainthorpe with the Zulus we wrote some amazing recounts in our English books.  Please have a look at them next time you come into school!