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 General lnformation

Adults who help us:

In Class 2 we are lucky to have two teachers.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we have Mrs Mathieson and on a Thursday and Friday we are taught by Mrs Manders.  We also have Mrs Wilson and Mrs Herriman to help us in the classroom during the week.



Our P.E. day is Friday, so can you please remember to bring your child's P.E. kit every Friday.  If it is not wet then P.E. will take place on the school playground.  For colder days it would be advisable to put long trousers and a jumper/cardigan in your child's P.E. bag.  Earrings will need to be removed (unless newly pierced; these can be covered with plasters) and girls will need to have long hair tied back to avoid any possible injuries/accidents. 



In Class 2 we have set up a reading basket where children can place their books when they have finished reading them at home. If children put their book and diary in the yellow basket, a new book will be given to them by the end of the school day.  This ensures those children who are reading often are given the opportunity to access a wider range of books, which will undoubtedly have a great impact upon their progress.

Don't forget to sign your child's diary when you have read with them, as children receive Dojos for each time they read at home. They do not have to read full stories for you to sign, even a few pages at a time will help them earn more Dojos.

Mrs Wilson will check children's diaries and when children have been awarded their Dojos you will see green ticks. The children love receiving Dojos and we have found this to be a great motivator in encouraging them to read at home. 



Homework is set at the start of every term and is in the form of a grid in their blue Homework book.  Children are given a choice of 9 tasks and are asked to complete 6 of these tasks by the end of the term. Children are rewarded for each task in the form of Dojos. How many Dojos they receive for each task is stated in the small boxes. Children are of course welcome to complete more than the minimum six tasks if they are keen to receive extra Dojos!

Every Friday we ask that children bring in their Homework books, so that we are able to share where the children are up to with their tasks. We have found this really helps everyone as it gives some children ideas for what they could do for the tasks if they are struggling.