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Class Dojos

Class 2 have been working really hard so far this term and have been rewarded for all their hard work in Dojos.

Dojos are a reward system which are used to reward any kind of positive behaviour.  Things such as trying our best, working hard, sitting quietly on the carpet, using our manners, being a good friend, tidying up the classroom... the list is endless!

The children in Class 2 absolutely love receiving Dojos and it is a pleasure to see their faces when they see how many they have in total. 

At the end of every term a small 'Dojo Shop' will be set up with different items which the children can buy by 'spending' their Dojos.  There will be cheaper items such as pencils, rubbers, notepads, small toys etc and there will also be higher priced items too. Children do not have to spend their Dojos in the first term, they may want to keep their Dojos and carry on adding to them during the next term.

Pictures will be posted when the children visit the Dojo Shop at the end of term, so keep your eyes peeled!