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Growing and Planting

The Sun has started to shine and we are starting our next learning Journey; Growing and Planting.

We are going to be learning about seeds and plants and how to care for them.

We will look at life cycles and hopefully we will see the life cycle of different animals in our classroom.

For English we're going to use the stories of Jack and the Beanstalk, Jaspers Beanstalk and the Bog baby to wite our own sentences.

We will also look at Information books to find out about tadpoles, caterpillars and Ladybirds. 

In Maths we will be measuring, doubling and halving and adding and subtracting numbers

What an exciting term we have planned!


We have planted our very own sunflower. Who's will grow the tallest? 

Planitng experiment

We have learnt about what seeds and plants need to grow. 

We have planted four beans. 

One is in the dark.

One has just got water.

One has just go soil.

One has got soil, water and light.

Which one will grow?