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What fun do we have planned for Term 4?

Our Term 4 topic focuses on hot places in the world. 


Lenny our class pet is very excited about this topic. He is hoping he will meet some of his Jungle friends. 

We will be visiting the Jungles around the world and learning about the animals that live there. 

Our next trip will take us to Africa and we'll use the story Handa's Surprise to compare this place to where we live.  

In week 4 we are joining in with the Zulu Warriors. They will teach us about their traditions.

We will then visit the desert. Do we know what a desert is? We might even try and search for Pirates.

We will end the term with some Fun Easter activities. 

There's a Rumble in the Jungle

We love pretending to be Jungle animal. 

Our Jungle art work.

How many Jungle animals can you spot?