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Extreme Climates

This Term we are looking at Extreme climates; We are focussing on Cold Weathers. We will be looking at winter in our country, We will experiment and investigate ice and snow and we will write winter poems.

During our English and Literacy work we will read the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers which is about a lovely friendship between a boy and a penguin. We will talk about our Friends and how we care for them, linking this to our school values. We will learn more information about Penguins. I wonder if we could have a Penguin as a pet? We will look at other Cold places around the world and other animals that can live in very cold climates. We are looking forward to building sledges, living in igloos and playing with snow!

We will finish term 3 with a slightly different focus; Chinese New Year. The children will experience Chinese food and Chinese dragons. Please keep checking this page for photographs and videos of our adventures.


Week 1 New Year

This week the children have settled back into school after the Christmas break. The children have enjoyed sharing their experiences over Christmas, especially their new toys.

The children have also been talking about the New Year and about resolutions. They have enjoyed sharing their thoughts on what they would like to achieve at school in the short term and long term.

Week 2 Winter Time

This week the children have been exploring winter time. They have been exploring the weather, what we wear to keep warm and what foods we can eat. The children have enjoyed sharing their ideas and exploring the enhancements within the environment.

The children have enjoyed exploring ice, how to make it and how to melt it. The children explored the texture of the ice cubes.

Keeping warm in Winter

The children have enjoued exploring some of the resources within the classroom. the dolls house was transformed into a winter wonderland, where they had to set the house up to be cosy and warm. The children talked about how heating, warm drinks and food could help to keep us warm.

Dressing Louie for a Skiing trip

The children enjoyed helping Louie to choose some clothes to go skiing with. Louie forgot how to dress in the cold weather, so he dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. The children told Louie he would get cold, so they helped to find some warm clothes in his suitcase. The children enjoyed dressing Louie up and explaining why they chose certain clothes.  

Exploring different textures

The children have enjoyed exploring the porridge oats; they have been describing the texture of them and comparing them to snow/ ice.

Week 3 Lost and Found

This week the children’s learning has been based around the story ‘Lost and Found’. The children have been exploring different temperatures; they especially enjoyed playing in the ice. The children have also been learning about feelings and friendships.