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We hope you have all had a lovely half term and have come back excited for the term ahead. This term is full of celebrations from Bonfire, Diwali and light and dark to Advent and Christmas,We will be covering all these topics this term as well as practising for our Christmas play. There will be lots of fun learning and activities planned for the children.  

Week 1 Halloween

This week the children have enjoyed learning all about halloween. They have been involved in many different activities involving, pumpkins, potion labs and skeleton crafts. The children have enjoyed listening to and discussing the story 'Room on the Broom.' The children have been describing the characters of the story and the setting, whilst also enjoying making predictions to what happened in the story. The children have continued their learning in their play, pretending to be the witch from the story and making special potions to scare the dragon.  

Week 2 Bonfire


Class 1 have been very excited this week, to share their experiences of Bonfire Night. The children have enjoyed learning about the story behind Bonfire Night. The Role play area was changed into a dark den, where, the children were able to explore using, torches, coloured lights and making their own bonfire pictures.

The children have also enjoyed using the small world, where they re-created their experiences and shared their ideas. They also enjoyed using the outside tuff spot, exploring how colours can change when mixed, to make exciting firework pictures.

In the afternoons the children have been involved in exploring how we can use objects to help us work out addition and subtraction problems.


Exploring and learning  

Week 3 Diwali

Week three has been a week of discovering about other cultures and celebrations. The children have really enjoyed learning about Diwali. They have been learning about the story  Rama and Sita. The children have also enjoyed learning about the importance of light by making their own diva lamps. And how Hindus celebrate Diwali.  

This week the children have also been exploring length, learning about, shorter and longer.  They have enjoyed exploring the classroom with rulers to find objects that are either, shorter or longer.

Callum: “I liked the story about the monster that took Sita away.”

Oliver:  “Rama and Sita followed the lights home.”

Jessica: “For Diwali, people have a party and give sweets out.”

Work Displayed

The children were really excited to see some of their work displayed.

Rangoli Patterns

They have really enjoyed making their own rangoli patterns this week. the children have been using lot's of descriptive language.

Making Diva Lamps

We have been making our own Diva Lamps. We helped to mix the dough and then mould our candles into shape.

Our Finnished Diva Lamps

We enjoyed painting and decorating our lamps.


Callum "I found things longer than the ruler."


Carson "teh water bottle is shorter."

Hard at work

All the children have enjoyed mark making on the wipe boards


Oliver: "I like to write my letters."

Week 4 Light and Dark Science week

Week 4 has been filled with lots of exciting learning for the children. The topic has been light and dark. The children have carried out experiments using light as the main component. They have discovered: how light can create a rainbow when mixed with water; how shadows are made; how temperature can affect light (glow sticks). The children have enjoyed predicting what the outcome will be and then carrying out the experiment.

On Thursday we welcomed parents into school for a science morning. Where they were able to view the work carried out by the children and have a go at some of the experiments themselves. The children thoroughly enjoyed having parents in to share their learning experiences with them.

This week there has also been a focus on 2d and 3d shapes. Nursery children have been learning the names and properties of 2d shapes. The reception children have been introduced to 3d shapes this week. They have learning the names of each shape and learning about the different properties of each shape. The children have enjoyed finding both 2d and 3d shapes in the environment.  

Parents Science Workshop

This slide show presennts some of the fun learning undertaken at the parents workshop. All of the children had a wonderful time sharing their learning with their family.

Week 5 Owl Babies

This week the children have enjoyed reading the story ‘Owl Babies’. The children have discussed and explored the different feelings of the owls and why they felt that way. The children have enjoyed  learning about the different animals in the woods and connecting last weeks topic of light and dark into their learning.

Week 6 Christmas

This week has been filled with lots of Christmas fun! The children have all enjoyed participating in the Christmas play, meeting Santa, having a Christmas dinner and party afternoon.  

Christmas Excitement!