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Meet the Staff

Helen Matthews

Helen has worked for the Federation of 3 schools since 2007. She joined the Marshchapel Team in September 2017. She is passionate about ensuring all children gain a love for learning and are given the best opportunities on a daily basis.


Jenny Fenwick

Jenny has worked for the Federation since 2010 at Marshchapel in class 1. Jenny has a love for the Early Years and enjoys ensuring all children receive an enriched and stimulating education. Where they are able to express, experiment and develop their learning in a safe and secure environment.


Sarah Herriman

Sarah has worked for the Federation since 2012 at Marshchapel. She specialises in Early Years Speech and Language, which she ensures is incorporated into the children's learning daily. Sarah enjoys enhancing the environment and planning activities that provide ample opportunities for children to flourish in their development.


Sue Wilkinson

Sue started to work for the federation in 2000 and joined the Marshchapel  team in 2016. She helps to inspire and enthuse young children in their learning, by providing a stimulating and challenging environment, which creates numerous opportunities for learning through play.