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History of Marshchapel Primary School

Education in Marshchapel goes back some four hundred years, to when Robert Hagg first appears in the records, as Schoolmaster, in 1604. However, the present school building has a unique history of its own. Originally, the building stood on a site near Sheepmarsh Lane to serve the two villages of Marshchapel and North Cotes. In 1873, after a dispute between the two communities, the building was dismantled and rebuilt on its present site, following to a large extent, the original design. Whilst the exterior of the building, on the whole, retains its historical character, the interior has much altered, particularly in the past ten years.Inside you will find a bright and stimulating environment for your child’s education. One of Marshchapel’s longest serving headmasters was Percy Lyons (1921-1952) whose meticulous school log-book entries provide a fascinating insight into the life of a country school through the eyes of a city bred man. He is well remembered by a whole generation of children, some of whom are now grandparents of present day pupils.